Blood Orange – Orange Sanguine – Fresh Fruit Vinegar


Vinegar, Filtered Water, Cane Sugar
Ascorbic Acid, Apple Pectin


Blood Orange Fresh Fruit Vinegar tastes great with a strong, slightly sweet flavor that adds a distinctive taste to dips and salad dressings. It is also very good on raw or steamed vegetables. It adds a dazzling, eye-catching color to salad, baked potatoes, rice, shrimp, fish or even cornbread.

Blood Orange vinegar strengthens the taste of any dressing, marinade or sauce. Splash this tangy vinegar on hot spinach mixed steamed vegetables garnished with candy-coated pecans. Sprinkle it on grilled broiled meat and fish before serving. Try it after your duck or as a fruity drench for all type of seafood like snapper or salmon. This vinegar enhances additional flavor to whole grains salads and nutty grains.

Blood Orange & Pear Summer Fruit salad

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Weight 1.9 oz