Mango – Mangue -Fresh Fruit Vinegar


Vinegar, Filtered Water, Cane Sugar
Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Apple Pectin


Fresh mango plump, vibrant and ripe mangoes are used to prepare this perfect and mouth-watering vinegar. Mango vinegar brings the real meaning of the tropics to your dishes. This vinegar is the first made in our line which goes great with fish, seafood salads, and in cocktails. It has a full definite flavor great for topping off many combinations of dishes. It works well on deserts in addition to having savory applications. Just two shots on some iced club soda water and you have a delicious beverage to cool those hot summer months. Mix with Passion Fruit Vinegar to create an erotic fruit blend which is sure to compliment any seafood prepared.

Mango / Passion Ice Cream Alternative

Mango / Passion Shrimp Chutney

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Weight 1.9 oz