Red Pepper – Poivron Rouge – Fresh Fruit Vinegar


Vinegar,Filtered Water, Cane Sugar
Olive Oil (from grilling Peppers), Apple Pectin


Red Pepper Vinegar, Never had it before? You are missing out. It has an energetic flavor with a kick of crushed roasted red pepper. This great rich flavor is great for grilled steaks salads and sandwiches. This vinegar preserves the great taste of roasted red pepper with just enough vinegar to stimulate those acidic receptors on your tongue. Add this flavor to all you BBQ meats and salads to give them a great pop. Great on baked chicken, broiled chicken breasts, and Buffalo wings. Adds a flavorful kick to meat or seafood marinades. Use as a delicious tangy base for barbecue sauce. Sprinkle on grilled or broiled fish. Great for spicing up any recipe especially for any pasta sauce based dish.

Red Pepper One Side Breaded Pork Medallion

Red Pepper Octopus

Red Pepper Vinegar Grilled Veggie Salad

Roasted Red Pepper Carpaccio Salad

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Weight 1.9 oz