Zulu Peri Garlic Sauce

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Here’s a little number that’s produced by SouthAfricans.com out of Atlanta, GA. It’s called Zulu Zulu Peri Peri Garlic Chile Pepper Sauce. It uses, yep, you guessed it, the ever increasingly-used African Bird’s Eye peppers and states on the bottle that the “original recipe [was] from South African”. I’m always up for trying how others outside of the Western Hemisphere incorporate chile peppers in foods, so let’s see what this sauce has under the hood…

Water, vinegar, onions, herbs & spices, lemon, oil (soy), peppers, garlic, peri peri peppers (African Bird’s Eyes), stabilizer. Contains no artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives.

Texture and Appearance:
Light orange and bespeckled with larger green flakes and tiny red particles. This sauce was thick n’ rich but could not really be defined as “creamy”. Although this might be obvious knowledge to some of you, to me this was more of a cooking sauce and less of a condiment.

Very nice scent, dominated by the lush tartness of lemons and the bite of onions and garlic.

Taste Straight Up:
The flavor has great luminosity and complexity. A first lick of this produces a dizzying rush of spices followed rapidly by mellow garlic. A few seconds in the sourness of lemon and vinegar bounces in to take control of the flavor while the proceeding ingredients balance out the flavors with sturdy supporting roles. Loud hints of onions and small traces of African Bird’s Eyes peak through, although I would have preferred a touch stronger performance from the peppers.